8 May 2019

धोरण 12 परिणाम & परिणाम बुकलेट

Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Board's standard 12 science stream results have been declared today. Now the results will be announced on the board's website at 2 o'clock on 28th May of the standard 12th general stream.
Regarding the uncertainty of changing the date of the result every day, the students and guardians of the common stream were disturbed and the fate of the examiner's data had been severely damaged by the guardians. The board's website was hacked a while ago, and reports of reports that the website was repaired before data could be damaged. However, now the Education Board has decided to announce this result on the Board's website at 2 pm on 28th May.
5,14,279 students appeared in the standard 12th standard exam conducted in March 2016. There were 4900 officers at the center on the CCTV track and were monitored by smartphones and tablets to crack down on these examinations. Separate exam centers were arranged for regular and external examinations this year as a special change. A total of 43 prisoners have also passed the examination in this year's standard stream.
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