14 May 2019

4 year B.Ed course Admission 2019

The Bachelor of Education, ie the B. Ed. Curriculum is being revised again. Before 1 year old two years and now and B.Ed. The duration of the course is 4 years. The Human Resources Development Ministry said that the current two-year course has been changed in 4 years. This decision is being taken to improve academic standards in education certification.
The purpose behind this decision is that in the future, teachers of the school will be ready for release by the students of the Blue Whale Challenge, psychological cyber games and any type of threatening sports.
According to the sources, the 4 year B.Ed course will start from next year ie from 2019. For this, the proposal has been sent to the Human Resource Development Ministry to modify the B.Ed course from the National Council for Teaching Education (NCTE).
 Benefits of Standard 12 pass students!
If a four year Integrated course is implemented, then students of standard 12 pass students will benefit. Standard 12 pass students get direct admission to this 4-year B-grade course. It is worth mentioning here that for admission to B.Ed course, after studying in standard 12, three years of graduate level study has to be done.
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