7 May 2019

Accordingly, positive energy at home

  • The main door of the house should always be bigger and stronger than the other gates, so that the house enters positive energy and the negative energy can be stopped. Keeping the door strong protects the enemy.
  • There should not be more doors in the house, because of the more doors, the energy of the body is not more in the house, which is not good for home peace.
  • You should not have a kitchen as you enter the house, if you have a roast, then add a photo of Ganesha on the kitchen.
  • - Having a bathroom as you enter the house is also not proper in terms of fact, be aware that if it has a bathroom, it will always be closed, and apply exterior mirror on the bathroom.
  • Always close the door of the toilet, do not decorate it on top of it
  • - Should never be dark outside the main door of the house, if there is darkness, put out the light bulb.
  • The main door of your home should not have a CD against it. If this is the case, then the home-dweller is ill.
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