17 May 2019

Bad experiences are also needed!

There is no such thing as understanding of life. There are many stumbling blocks. When something bad happens, we understand the difference between good and bad. Life is taking turns. Sometimes climbing leads to life. Sometimes the slope also comes. When the speed increases and when the speed decreases, who else can teach us other than life? We sometimes get the idea that if everything was good, then how much life would have been? If there was no hatred, jealousy, resentment, anger, hatred or hatred anywhere, how would the world be so good? Never have anything to do with our fantasies. The reality is quite different. Not all people have ever been good. Can not be The good thing is, nature has given us an opportunity to choose between good and natural. Our happiness and our grief depends only on our choice. We are man Eating too often is also used in selection. Life also offers an opportunity to correct the mistake. We delay several times to correct the mistake. Instead of improving the error, we continue postmortem of error. Whatever comes out from the postmortem is the complaints, allegations and displeases. If you have died by postmortem, you will not have to be alive!
Bad experiences are also needed to understand life. Ultimately, the grief of bad experiences, bad times and inappropriate person, is also a part of life, is not it? Why can not we just be part of our lives? It has to be accepted too. We all are equally wise. We do everything we can to make decisions. We follow those who are right, good, and right. It is not expected, success is not found, betrayed, when someone gets cheated, we start to blame.
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