25 May 2019

Benefits of Living With a Spouse

According to a study conducted by researchers at Brigham Young University in the US State of Utah, staying with a partner rather than living alone reduces mental stress significantly. Researchers conducted this study on the basis of movements of a person's key.
Professor Wendy, a cycloologist at Brigham Young University who conducted this study, said that 40 kapals were included in the study. Some of the works were given to him on the computer, after which this conclusion has been done by studying various factors. It was found in the study that the couples who were sitting with each other saw a significant reduction in their stress.
66 percent of employee stress hunt
Apart from this, another study was done to find out the extent of mental stress in the workforce. According to the report, nearly 66 percent of employees have become victims of stress. This information has been found in a fresh study by Willis Tower Watson.
These researchers tested the small group of people who used the activity trackers. Data related to the sleep pattern of 85 thousand people was sought to understand the information received from the builder on the wrist. Research also examined what kind of gene affects people's sleep and waking hours.
Experts say that the eyeball gives stress level information only in 200 milliseconds. Quick movements can be seen in a person when he is in stress. The effects of light and body clocks on the brain differ among different people.
It is noteworthy that increasing stress and increased physical activity among employees, increasing obesity, financial insecurity and tobacco consumption are becoming a major concern for employers and their impact is on the functioning of employees. That's why many companies have begun to try to reduce the mental stress of employees
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