3 May 2019

BIn Sachivalay Clerk exam Paper 2016 with Answer -Official Key

Government recruitment process is being done by the Seva Selection Selection Board. In which some departments have been allowed to take departmental examination. But for the purpose of promoting class 3 non-secretariat employees in various departments of the state.

the examinations were conducted as per the performance by the department and examinations were also taken in a timely manner. This allowed employees to receive promotions quickly. But at present the operations have been entrusted to the Services Commission. There is a delay in taking the exam.
As a result of the new recruitment work being done by the Secondary Service Board, it is not possible to take a timely examination, as a result the employees retire and do not get the benefit of the promotion. President Sanjay Patel said that if taken by the Examination Department, employees can be prevented. When the Secondary Service Board is not familiar with the operation of all the accounts. As a result, employees are terminated during the paper verification. When a departmental examination takes place, according to the work done by the employee and according to Knowledge, the probability of going down will be less.Since 1986, the state government has initiated austerity measures. In order to fill the vacant posts in the government system, there was a long-standing restriction for financial reasons. Even today there is a ban. But, the government now shows approval for filling up space. Later, due to earlier long-term sanctions, the government had stopped the recruitment process altogether. Apart from the recruitments made in exceptional and special cases from 1986 to 2012, no recruitment has been made till 25-26 years.      As a result, the stage came to an end that the government offices were completely empty and some offices started to create an extraordinary lack of workforce. Due to the absence of appointments in Government Offices for a long period, most of the vacant posts of large numbers are now available for recruitment in many offices.
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