7 May 2019

Clean India: Healthy India

Healthy-hygiene means a process that includes both cleanliness and hygiene. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, cleanliness in the surroundings so that the quality of cleanliness can be maintained. Understanding the Citizenship for Hygiene Process - Sayyak Sense is also important. Hygiene-Sanitation refers to the provision of facilities and services for the safe disposal of human urine and feces in general. However, hygiene in today's age is linked to human digestion with proper disposal of solid waste and solid waste, food hygiene, personal and environmental hygiene. Solid waste disposal and waste disposal system is essential for a healthy life. Inadequate hygiene is one of the main reasons for the nuisance of diseases.
  A clean India mission started in the form of a national movement across the country on October 2, 2014. Leading the public movement of Sanitation, the Prime Minister invited people to fulfill the dream of Mahatma Gandhi of a clean and clean India. Mahatma Gandhi's dream of India was not only political freedom, but it was also a concept of a clean and developed country. Mahatma Gandhi freed India by demolishing slavery Now our duty is to remove dirt and serve Mother India.
Shri Narendra Modi himself started the cleaning campaign near the temple road police station. Clean India campaign has become a mass movement across the country due to the broom catch to clean the dirt by the Prime Minister. He said that people should neither dirt nor let others do the same. He gave a mantra of 'Do not dirty to do dishu'. Shri Modi also invited 9 people to join the cleanliness campaign and he urged them to join other 9 people in this initiative.
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