7 May 2019

Factors Responsible for Being Pale

Why is the emergence of stone is not known very clearly yet. But, some factors have been found to speed up the process of stone making. The work of kidneys is to maintain the body's water content and to remove unwanted elements from the body. When the water is in the water, the kidney tries to get at least water and the maximum waste to urinate. Due to this, the urine becomes dark and concentrations of urine emitted in the urine increase. Whenever the urine becomes very narrow, then it becomes crusty and once it becomes crystal, then more and more elements are added to it and it becomes stony in sight.
In addition, urinary tract infections, vitamin A deficiency, etc. also introduced stones. When the balance of the heart is disrupted in the body (eg, parathyroid hormone increases), more calcium emits for urine and increases the chances of stone. Living for long periods of time, bone calcium starts decreasing due to urine and it is responsible for the urine flow in the kidneys in the bedside area.
The likelihood of stomach pain increases when urine decreases cucrate and coloids. In other cases known as gout, the amount of uric acid increases in the body, due to which the appearance of uric acid is not visible in the ex-ray (also visible in sonography). Apart from this, many other types of stones are made for different reasons.
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