27 May 2019

GPSC Syllabus Class 3 & Nayab Mamlatdar | Section Officer

The examination question paper has been placed here for the appointment of Deputy Mamlatdar. The question paper is conferred with its true answer. The answering key given by the GPSC has been placed here. This will be useful for candidates preparing for this test. For this, it is necessary to have graduation in any faculty.

  • Advertisement No.55/2018-19
  • Preliminary Exam : 16.12.2018 
  •  Examination outline and course: -
This examination will be conducted in two stages:
(1) Examining general objective of screening test will be for 100 marks and 1 hour time.
(2) There will be a total of 3 papers in the written examination of the main exam: (1) Paper-1, Gujarati (Bachelor's degree), 100 marks (2) Paper-2 English (intermediate level), 100 marks (3) Paper-3, general The study (graduation level) will be 100 marks. Each paper will be 3 hours per time
(1) Any candidate established under the Indian Parliament or the State Legislative Assembly; That the educational institution established by the Act of Parliament or the UGC Unit-1 under Section-3 of the Act-1956. As a bachelor's degree in educational institution established or equivalent, it should be equitable.
(2) Gucci According to the provisions of classification and recruitment (general) rules-1967 Rule 8 (1A), the basic knowledge of computer application should be aware. Candidates selected in relation to the above advertisement must submit a certificate of having basic knowledge of computer application before getting the final appointment letter.
(3) The candidate should have adequate knowledge of Gujarati and / or Hindi.
Regarding recruitment of Mamlatdar Class-II in Gujarat Civil Service, the rules for recruitment have been made by the Revenue Department. Recruitment rules for this will be identified as Mamlatdar Class-2, 2018. A person having a minimum of seven years experience as a Deputy Mamlatdar in class-3 may be promoted to Class-2, for which it is mandatory to pass the examination and computer skills of the recruitment of 2006, by giving an examination of an officer with a minimum of five years experience in Class-III, Mamlatdar class-3. Class-2 service can be done. For this reason, the graduates who have graduated from recognized universities will be able to take part in the examination. It is mandatory to pass the prescribed judicial examination from time to time. It will be bound by the advertisement issued from time to time by the Gujarat Public Service Commission. Gujarat Public Service Commission is required to pass the examination according to the Gujarat Civil Services Computer Training and Examination Rule, 2006. This examination will be held in both Hindi and Gujarati languages. Subject to the consideration of the candidate who has passed the examination, the acceptance of a minimum amount is subject to consideration. It has been decided that the government will take the fixed amount of bonds for a fixed time.
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