11 May 2019

Gujarat no Itihas PDF File Download

Here is a nice shiny file giving information about the history of Gujarat, which will be useful to all. Briefly, the complete history of Gujarat has been given information.Gujarat has a history of its culture and empire. Its history is ancient. Its culture is rich.

In today's ancient era and in the epics, the region known as the Anarta region, it is today's Gujarat. Anvert's son, Revat was the ruler of Kushasthali (modern Dwarka). Lord Shri Krishna struggled with Jarasang and Kalayvan after consolation and left the kingdom and settled the old city of the old city of Saurashtra, settled the old town of Kushasthali, where the new town was inhabited, it was called Dwarka, Dwarka, or by the name of the state. Shrikrishna established the state of Yadavas in Dwarka. But after knowing the power, power and wealth, they became very happy and cut into each other - memorials formed. Vajr, the grandson of Lord Krishna and the son of Aniruddha, was the only Yadav who had survived the memorial. Arjuna established the Vajra as the ruler of Mathura and thus ended the rule of Yadavakul in Saurashtra.
· The ancient era of Gujarat
After the story of Lord Krishna, there is a blackout on the feet of Gujarat's history. There is no data available based on what happened in three thousand years. Is. In the year 319, Chandragupta Maurya hoisted the flag of Chakravarti from the throne of Magadha's Pataliputra. Gujarat - Saurashtra also came under its footsteps. Chandragupta Maurya Pushimitra was named in the Saurashtra division. Pusamitra's reign e. Q. Before 294 BC, Girijar (on Sudarshan Sarovar) was closed down in its time. Chandragupta's grandson Emperor Ashoka is in the foothills of Girnar, one of the inscriptions inscribed below. The article on this inscription is in Brahmi script which is also the source of Gujarati script and language.
In the last century before Jesus, there was no provincial rule on this land before the Indian Yavana kings ruled over this land. Four years after the birth of Jesus, the kingdom of Saka remained dominant. These are the rulers of the Kshatapo. Can you start your own enrichment e Q. In 78 Shilalekha near Junagadh is a testimony to Yashgatha of Shaka Rudadmana. Rudruman I had spread the territories of his state from the banks of Narmada to Punjab. During the reign of Rudradaman, a huge Sudarshan lake was eroded.
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