7 May 2019

How do you know about kidney stones?

Many people do not know how many years they are in their bodies. No external dysfunction is found in the stone due to which the stomach remains in the inner part of the kidney and does not move. Soreness and other problems occur when the stomach comes from the kidney to the microscope. Pain from one side of the thigh to the thigh is due to the urinary tract. When the urinary bladder (bladder) reaches the stomach, frequent urination occurs, inflammation of urine and running quickly for urine.
Most calciumatic stones can be seen by exchanging kidney and urinary tract. Sometimes it is possible for some other reason to get excited and accidentally appears in the stone. Intravenous piligrim is called to check the exact location of the stone. There is also a slight estimate of kidney functioning. If ultrasound checks too much obstruction in the urine path due to the size and size of the kidney stones, then the kidney can be damaged severely, and such patients need to be discharged through surgery or other ways.
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