25 May 2019

How do you treat old love?

Not every love is successful. Some are incomplete. The dream of seeing four eyes suddenly gets tarnished and crumbled. The person with whom he has a lot of life to live with is suddenly lost, then his interest disappears from life. There is no villain in every love story. It is not necessary to be in the form of a man. Sometimes it is also a situation, a situation or a rich-poverty. Even if you are separated from love, how can you remember those memories? The broken dreams are splinterous. The partner who is better or better than the previous lover or girlfriend, but it is not the only one who was prepared to become frustrated. A comparison continues. If he had been in my life then perhaps life would have been different. The man who has not been found always looks good. The man living in the imagination rather than the reality remains and remains in the midst. Kher, who gets and who does not get it, is a matter of luck. Are you listening to that row? I do not have any weaknesses, but I do not know where I am.

After falling in love, the roads will be broken, it should be removed from each other, if there is no contact, and if a person suddenly finds it? What does it matter? There is an event in mind to ask this question. A small village named Khu Wei in the mountainous area near China Border in Vietnam is located. Every year there is a fair that is not seen anywhere in the world. Old lovers gather in this fair. On the third day of the Lunar Year, on 26th and 27th of every month, there are lovers who do not have each other. This tradition has been running for centuries. Freshwater and indigenous tribes inhabit the small villages of nearby villages like Tang, Tea, Take Low, Dajah, Gaya, Hamong and San Chi. These people come to the fair to meet their old lover or girlfriend. This fair has become a part of tribal culture. It is a tragic romance behind how this tradition started.

It's a matter of decades ago. There was a girl of Gaya tribe in the village of Ha Guang. He fell in love with a boy from the village of Kaung in Kao Baang. Both of them were already hiding before hiding. However, love does not remain lurking for a long time. Both were caught. Both the ladies of the caste told him that you do not have to meet each other now. Some of the lovers listen to somebody? They all met each other so they did not know anything. When the talks came out, they both got worn on. The matter was so worn or disgusted between the two races. Many people have died. This was not seen by a lover and a lover. Ultimately, both of them decided that if we fall apart from love, then the blows and the deduction will end. At different times, both of them promised each other that if we do not know anything, we will meet for two days a year. They talk about how they spent each year and spent 363 days without each other. Just since this fair is held and lovers gather once a year.
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