17 May 2019

Human Life Reality

Man learns more from Pain than Pleasure. Disaster, hazard, and emergency are sometimes used to teach that we have the ability to overwrite it. Was a young man. Job in a company One time he was fired from his job for some reason. It is so bad that no other company is ready to give him a job. Nowhere was the job matched. He started feeling that our career was falling. Life is over. He knew how to play guitar. Went to a night club. He said, let me play the guitar there at night to you. Give what you want to give. The hotelie kept it. Salaries were not enough, but people who were happy to hear the music were giving him a good tip. His car was empty. One day a musician came to the hotel. He was amazed at the way the young guitar played. He said, will you come in my group? It's been a joint. At the stage show, she started praising her performance. Gradually he made his own band. He became his name throughout the country. One day he got a gift from the one who was expelled. He embraced him. Theku said. He said, if you had not removed me, maybe I would still have been in normal office. I have given you and my bad times a lot of time. It is understood today that the phenomenon may have been created only for my good future
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