7 May 2019

Importance of mother tongue

Mr. Gunvant Shah, a famous critic and author, said, "There can never be any other language spoken in mother tongue. Gujaratis are my mother, English is my aunt, never mother to mother. Finnish in Finland, French in France, Roman in Italy, Portuguese in Portugal, Spanish in Spain, Greek in Greece, Britannum Trauma English, German, Germany, Switzerland Swiss and Russian. Chinese is taught in Chinese language, Japanese is taught in Japanese, and Arabic is taught throughout the Arab world. Iceland's population is 2.5 million. Even in the country, education is not English, but it is Icelandic. There is never a talk of being the mother tongue of education in other countries. Learning English and studying through English are two different things. "
             It is shameful for us if we have to take Mother's word's veneration. Other countries can not imagine such a trip. Now let's have a detour in the area of ​​facts. Man's mother is one of only one. There are only one in one's house. Our hearts constantly persist in expressing. It can only be a real person in mother tongue. Mother tongue is a 'heart language' that caters to our dear ones.
Research says: The speed of reading can be enhanced only in mother tongue. In the first standard, there is a lot of burden on children in the first language. As a result, 'reading fluidity' decreases in both languages. Such students fall prey to the later standards and when they are finished schooling, they become 'almost illiterate'.
                     This is 'Neurological Theory of Learning', which has been accepted at the global level. Say, what to say more now? There is a need for a few more enlightened citizens, educators and literates, which can be a kind of pressure to democracy. Such supplements will affect the government of Gujarat, will have to fall and fall! No request, pressure is necessary.
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