25 May 2019

Kidney Delivery Through Dracon!

For the first time in the world, the kidneys have been successfully delivered through the Drona at the University of Maryland Medical Center in the US. The distance was only five kilometers, but this successful experiment provided a unique and quick alternative to fast transport of human beings.
Kidney was kept in a sealed cargo compartment attached to the drone. And this cargo container was placed in a special device for long distance travel. Also, it was constantly tracked by GPS to determine whether Drona was moving on the right path. Due to flying at a height of 400 feet, it was only 10 minutes to cut the distance of five kilometers to the kidney patient. After that, 44-year-old woman from Baltimore, who had been living with diabetes for the past eight years, had a kidney successful operation.
Doctors who successfully performed kidney transplantation described this phenomenon as a new initiative of the medical sector. Doctor Josef said that with the help of drones, the delivery of human organs can quickly be delayed so that the efficiency of the organ is maintained. Furthermore, he hoped that this technology could successfully send human organs from 50 to 150 km away in the future. According to the doctor, currently the human organs are transported through a charter plane or commercial flight, which takes much time and it is also expensive. When the drone can be successfully transmitted to human organisms at a lower cost.
According to a report, in 2018, 1.14 lakh people in the United States were in line for organ transplants. A woman named Skela has established a company that oversees the details of the ship's shipments and has tied its system with the Uber-Lime Service so that the cost is expected to fall.
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