3 May 2019

Lekhan Sudharana PDF File

The community is a group of people. In other words it is said that meeting people is a society formed. That is, the organ of society is a person. So the work that will start by introducing the person will affect the society. Sometimes, collective action is sometimes taken to improve individual needs under social reform. It is necessary that effort should be made. Because every year new new individuals become part of the community reaching adulthood. As if a person consumes grains or vegetables raw, there is no doubt that the digestive tract will get worse. Similarly, if young people who are struggling at the yoke of youth are not aware of their responsibilities, lifestyle and lifestyle, etc., these millions of young people will become subservient to the society. This can be concluded that social reform activity is a continuous process. It matches the word according to the Qur'an's teachings.

"Allah has bestowed the best speech, a scripture whose whole parts are relevant and in which subjects have repeatedly been invited. The people of the people who are listening to him are afraid of their Lord (Lord) and then their bodies and their hearts soften and move towards Allah's remembrance. This is the guidance of Allah by which he brings us to the path, whom He loves, and who does not give guidance to Allah then there is no guide.Under the Mission Vidyasagar of Gujarat Government, 3000 children of 788 school students of Amreli district are being given such reading, writing, counting 1 hour early in school. In this mission, weaker children will have to spend 3 hours reading, writing, calculating time for one month. In order to improve the condition of the children through education teachers from the teachers of the school, the education officers will be made to improve the condition of children. Through the Gujarat government, since 2009, the Gunotsava program is being implemented under the improvement in quality of education. The results are declared by the government. Many schools get C grade in the result. Like every year, the government 

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