17 May 2019

Life's Maths

Was a cricketer. After the match is over, he sees the whole recording of his match. His companion asked, what do you see? How did you get out? That mistake does not happen again? The player said, no. I just do not look for it. If you look at it, then I'm going to get out of bed. I see that which shot took six? What was the cut for? More than a trick to not get out, I focus on playing my game. It's just going to be out. I can not play if I'm worried about getting out. Only people who are worried about death can not live life! Fear of failure is not the beginning of success! You can not enjoy the Milan, who is afraid of separation!

Darkness is proof that light is going to happen. There is a rhythm in every action of nature. The day after night is about to grow. Oet is only about to be recruited. Spring has to come after autumn. Life is also a rhythm. Sometimes, we are beginning to feel happy, we are beginning to have new happiness. We start to think that bad is so bad that we can not think of Sarah. This is a young man's talk about this. He had an impression in his mind that all of his relatives were selfish. He decided that to run the way the world is running. If the world is selfish, then satisfy its selfishness. They do the parties. Call all Have Fun It is the same with the young man that everyone comes to me because he wants to have fun. I am feeding and drinking so that is why I am all alone. It does not allow anyone to behave, but within the same way, it is just like that that everyone comes for selfishness.
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