3 May 2019

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Now the rules for recruitment of police in the state have been changed. Previously a physical test was conducted by the state government for the recruitment of the police but according to the new rules of police recruitment, the written examination of the first candidates will be taken. Usually, the state government has taken all the physical tests of the candidates in the recruitment of the police recruitment. Candidates' physical checks are examined in detail about various types of physiological fitness, including height, weight, chest size, long run, short run, hurdle race.
In the Shahibag police ground in the city like Ahmedabad, the recruitment of the candidates is called for a physical test simultaneously. For the candidates who pass a physical test, the same procedure is carried out, including the written examination of the police system, but many such tests of mechanism have come into controversy.

Sometimes the candidates who pass the physical test based on financial class or other types of identity-related issues. Candidates with no classmates sometimes have to feel discouraged. Due to this, the state government has now changed the rules of police recruitment. As before, candidates will not be taken for the first physical test. Instead, all the candidates will have to give the written test first. Candidates who pass the written examination will then have a physical test.

Additional Secretary to the Home Department P. P. has made changes in the state government's recruitment rules. That It has been found that Tanveja has approved it. P. That Following the approval of the person, the notification for the new police recruitment has been published by the Home Department. This notification has announced new police recruitment rules.
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