7 May 2019

Northeast Angle and Visionology

  • The northeast angle is considered to be very important from the viewpoint of any home or office or building. Whenever you are doing realistic work, it is beneficial to note the different rules of the northeast.
  • The northern northeast means that the north side of the eastern direction is called the eastern northeast and the eastern direction is called the northern northeast.
  • The influence of the northeast lies on the owner and children of the house.
  • The doors of the house are also worth making in the eastern northeast or north northeast corner.
  •  In fact, the northeast corners are the most important in all the corners. North-North direction is very effective. If a residential, industrial, or commercial premises is built in the north northeast corner, the homeowner is very much benefited.
  • If the northeast corner of the house is larger than the other direction, then the home will have permanent happiness and wealth.
  • Keep the water tank in the northeast corner, or any device to store water. Keeping the water litter in the northeast, there is a steady progress in the people of the house.
  • In the northeast, the slope of the eastern side makes men's progress. While the northern slopes of the North Angles are proven to be the best for all-round development of women.
  • While building the house, the entire wall of the house and floor should be slightly sloping or low in the eastern and northern sides. The lower part of the lower portion will be beneficial to the household or to the owner of the home.
  • It is very good if everything used in the home is available from the northeast corner. Apart from this, if rain water is deposited here, then it increases the happiness of the owner of the house.

  • The northeast is excellent for making worshipers, children's learning rooms, drawing rooms, loans or gardens.
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