7 May 2019

Now dreams can be read | Technology

If you are thinking of changing the humiliation made in the office in dreams, then just wait. In a research, Japanese scientists have found a unique way of reading dreams. According to a report released in the 'Science' General, in Japan, researchers have guessed what is seen in the early stages of the diagnosis through MRI scans. The speculation is up to 60 percent up to 60 percent. Now the researchers are trying to guess other things, such as emotions, thoughts, emotions during sleep, from a mental movement.
Three teams of researchers scanned MRI during their nap. The three were picked up after sleeping inside the scanner. Then he was asked to remember what he saw while sleeping. He may have seen any item such as an image, a car, a piece of ice in a nap. All of these were notedown.
- This process was repeated 200 times with the trio. Then the researchers had created a database. All things were kept in a group. For example, the hotel, house, building was kept in a specific name in the 'Bhavan' group.
- After that the researchers scanned the trio again, but this time they were asked to stay awake. In this, they were seen in the same movement in the brain with a related image.
• Now try to peek into a close nap
Looking at brain movements in the second round of sleep tests, the researchers said that all the three things seen in sleeping could be speculated. According to them, they could reach the SATIC conclusion by 60 percent. Now researchers want to peek in a deep sleep. It is believed that dreams are more alive. Scientists now want to know if brain scan can predict emotions, smell, color and people's behavior.
• The dream machine will become
Cognitive neuroscientist in the Oxford University, Mark Stokes, calls this discovery a milestone, which is bringing us closer to building a dream machine.

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