12 May 2019

Ph.D.Aadmission 2019 Entrance Exam

There is a great news for the candidates who want to do that the announcement for Ph.D.this has come. If you want to do PhD in Gujarat Vidyapith, then the online admission form for this has started to be filled. Here is the complete information for this. For students studying in more than 280 colleges affiliated to Vira Narmad South Gujarat University, students of M.Fhil and PhD can also be given admission process in their mother tongue.
Apart from this, Manish Kapadia, a Senate member of Vire Narmad South Gujarat University, said that in another university in Gujarat, M. Students who did Phill and PhD could give admission to Gujarati language but VNSUU had to give admission process in English Complexry. Then we introduced to the Chancellor that now there is a Gujarati language option in BSc-like course, then it should also be done for PHD and M.Fil. The Chancellor accepted our proposal and now he can get a PhD in two languages ​​in one English and another in Gujarati.
This is really good news for students who have done all the education in Gujarati medium. Many students will also be encouraged to do Ph.D. and M.Fil.
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