7 May 2019

Positive Conspiracy That Everyone Can Take

  • If you are in a situation that you can not help any person or animal or life in trouble and at the same time do nothing, then you can take God's plan to pray for the help of that person / animal or life.
  • 2. Once a year, help the needy person: If you do not earn more then 100 rupees per month or if you have more income, then keep some money aside, instead of giving donations in the temple at the end of the year, you can help someone with a need.
  • 3. Do not leave half of the food when you eat a meal, take it as much as you can at the time of the meal, if you can not, do not fill everything together at least once a day, but take a little bit of it after eating it. (Keep in mind that you get enough food today, but there are many children in the country and in the world who do not even have a meal, do not respect and do not waste the food you get.
  • 4. Do not throw garbage anywhere, the country is yours: You are standing somewhere and there is some garbage in your hand which you can not say to any of the countries where you like, but be careful that at least the garbage will put you in a trash. In addition, you will have to waste two minutes to find garbage, but if you do not like to live in a dirty house, why would you prefer to live in a dirty city-dirty state-dirty country?
  • 5. If you do not need a light-propeller-AC-computer before leaving the electricity save room, then exit only by closing.
  • 6. Pledge to forgive you last year, many people would have hurt you, but everyone will have something to worry about, or even if you do not, even if you forgive them and forgive them once you smile. You can not describe the happiness you will find in words.
  • 7. Smile: We work thousands of days a little bigger. In tension, we forget to laugh. Life is the basis of laughter and hope. Give a smile at the beginning of the day, while driving, talking to the boss, whenever you work stressful.
  • 8. Positive Thinking Mind Yours is what you want to think about and just depends on you. No one can stop you from thinking positive about any subject first.
  • 9. Confess love: Confessions of love are not only between husband or wife or lover, but mother-son, father-daughter, grandfather, friend-friend can be among anybody. Often, there is a soreness in the relationship because of not only attending a confession. Tell the person you love how special is that person for you.
  • 10. Do not Let It Work We think that is not a difficult task. Learn to dislike a person who does not like, do not like things, refuse to eat food. Initially it may seem a little difficult but there will be no stress on the brain. Yes, but do not forget to give up the humility.
  • 11. Laughing and hoping that life will be delighted not only in the imagination or hoping it is not wrong but not justified. Like all the flavors you want to enjoy on the plate, all the feelings in life should also be there. Welcome happiness with happiness, so happiness can be enjoyed with more fun.
  • 12. Do not inadvertently damage the wealth of the nation.
  • 13. Never give support to anti-national activities.
  • 14. Do not promote social maladies like alcohol, gambling, and women's exploitation.
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