10 May 2019

Rashtriy Purakar 2019 Detail in Gujarati GR

Education is a sacred profession. The teacher plays an important role in shaping the nation's nation. If a teacher thinks Gita like Krsna can produce a teacher of knowledge. If a guru is able to make an ideal like Lord Ram, then if the teacher assumes then he can create a talent like Gandhiji. If a teacher assumes, he can create a revolution. If the teacher assumes the social system can change. If the teacher assumes the world can change. Parents give birth only to the child, in the absence of emotion, the parents often fall behind in the formation of a child, but the teacher can do the job of making them the best citizen. Osho Rajneesh says that Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan is a teacher, so we honor him because he is the President, because he is the President of honor, not the teacher. But the day the teacher becomes a teacher, the teacher will be the best honor.
The year 2010 teachers are given the highest degree of excellence in the use of technology by the Human Resource Ministry (MHRD) of the Government of India. Following that, the selection of two teachers in Gujarat for the year 2016 for the International Award is one of the Porbandar districts. Puranbhai Gondalya, who served as a teacher at the primary school of Dharampur, a small village. The Vice President has given awards to Delhi on September 5, for the year 2016, 106 candidates from various states were selected for the jury meeting of the state level award. In the December 2016, the Jury Meeting in Bhopal was selected for 106 seats. Candidates presented their presentations. It is worth mentioning that only two teachers got this award till 2010. This award has been given to one teacher of Gujarat in last 2 years. This year, two teachers have been selected. This year, for this year's award, the total 24 teachers across India were selected for this award.
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