30 May 2019

School Praveshotsav GR 2019

  • Every year in the month of June, the school admission festival and girls' education festival are celebrated. Parents are asked to enroll their children in the school with their children. In such a delightful environment, children will be given admission to the school in a pleasant manner.

  • The program is planned for the rural area. 13/14 June-2019 and for urban areas 15th June, 2019 has been decided.
  • All government primary schools and granted primary schools and secondary government departments will have to cover all government and granted secondary schools.
  • After preparing a list of respected officials and all Indian service officers who participated in the program from the state level, the details / list of the district districts they will be participating in will be sent from the education department level.
  • A list of the officers / officials joining the school admission in the district level will be prepared by the District Primary Education Officer, District Education Officer and the Chief Executive Officer in coordination.Shala praveshotsav officialy gr,praveshotsav suchnao, praveshotsav Guideline 2019,Prathmik shala praveshotsav paripatra
  • Information related to state education, plans related information - Brokers and posters of literature and admission will be given to the district.
  • Districts have been allocated from the state level for the celebration of the program and for its publicity and Vidyalakshmi bonds.
  • Monitoring of the entire program from the state level will be done by the education department. While monitoring at the district level should be arranged.
  • This program will be of 3 days, every village will have to cover. Every day (two) / (three) schools will have to visit. While making the route for the State level officers / office-bearers and district level officers / office-bearers, the following criteria will be made and allocated according to the following criteria.
  • According to this criteria, planning of school entrance festival for urban and rural level will be organized.
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