7 May 2019

Stretch the organ

• Take two coconut copper, make small pieces of it, crush them. Slowly slice the dough into the pot, oil will be spun. After finishing the oil, rinse it in the garment. Tie 3-4 grams of pepper and 3 garlic bud in two coconut oil. Slowly on the thickened portion of this oil, brushing in the morning and night, and then resting with hot sand shakes.
• If the waist pain or dock is strained with gas or gas accumulation, add some chillies in the water, boil it, boil it in a cloth, and put it warm on the part of the pain, it relaxes.
• If the body is stiff, it is beneficial to apply rye potties (a hot slit of wheat flour for baking soda).
• If the foot grows too much, then the oil of copper oil rests with the massage.
• Getting rid of Kapoor in a saucepan, relaxes the pain of joints, neck, and arthritis.
• Hing and kneading of sesame oil in a warm and easy manner helps to reduce waist pain, joint pain, body weight loss and paralysis.
• Grain 800 grams of gravy leaf, add 10 grams turmeric and 250 grams of succulent oil, heated, burnt juice, left oil only. This oil massage results in the disfigured limbs in the body.
• Necklace oils or balms, as well as shaking, also results in stiffening organs.
• Leaping the water into the joints on the sore joints, resting in the wounded limbs.
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