25 May 2019

Sugar: Treasures of protein and minerals

Surge in vegetables means the treasure of proteins and minerals. You can call a nutritive supplement to be the king of vegetables. The yield is mainly eaten in two ways, one is the horn, and the other leaves its own. Many will be questioned that the prosthesis has eaten raw vegetables of chickpea, ate the boiled horns of the regimen, sipping it in the sardar or curry; But do not eat cottage cheese. Survival Pan is a nutrition store. Those who understand the importance of nutrition use these pots in pots and thalas. Many ayurvedic or naturopathic people sell this leaf powder and many people drink it in the form of jus.

  • There are leaflets that contain proteins.
  • Protein is not usually found in vegetables, but protein gets more protein than milk. 
  • 100 grams of protein gets 4 grams of protein, while 10 grams of protein is obtained from 100 grams of leaves. 
  • Not only protein, it is better to get calcium from circulation than milk. In addition, iron is also available in very large quantities. 
  • Vitamin A is more than carrots, vitamin C in Peru, and more phosphorus than banana in its leaves. And all of these nutrients are in a soluble form. This means that it will get digested in the body and it will guarantee that the body will be found in almost the full amount. 
  • In other vegetables, such properties are rarely found. All these nutrients are also found in the Shinging Shing, but it decreases in the horn compared to the leaf. 
  • The leaves are more productive, but shing is also more productive than other vegetables.
  • The best way to start the shower is to eat it separately, but the best way is to start the shing and dough. In this, the cucumber horn is made by crushing it with a dough. Even if the horn is eaten simply boiled, it is proven to be very good.
  • How to Make Surgan Pages? Experts say that the way we use spinachs, we can also use sprouting panels. Surge leaves appear as they pick up, and their taste is not very special. If it is used in food, it is a spicy dish so that it does not taste separately. If you do not make a dish, then make simple jugs. Every day, 15 milliliters of gravy leaves will be very productive.
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