16 May 2019

TAT Higher Seondary Exam Syllabus

Separate Syllabus for Principal and Teacher Education Department of Gujarat declared the rules for recruitment of teachers in the state's grant-in-aid secondary and higher secondary schools by publishing notification in February. According to this notification, now for the appointment of teacher or principal, the candidate has to pass the TAT (Teachers Aptitude Test) examination with minimum 50% marks and maximum three attempts. TAT is a special contributor to the merit to become a teacher or principal. However, long after the notification was published, BAD would like to become a teacher without any advertisement being made by the Education Board regarding the TAT syllabus. The trainees were confused. In this regard, the Education Board has been receiving a detailed report on the status of inconsistencies in the trainees on May 2 by Divya Bhaskar. In which Ta In the resolution of 7 May, the Education Board declared TET's syllabus. In which 250 marks will be taken by TET in 150 marks and 100 marks each by two papers and general promotions have been made in syllabus for teachers and principals. A syllabus for teachers will be a 150-mark question paper on topics related to general knowledge, education accelerates, education philosophy, academic psychology, classroom transaction-evaluation, accelerating skills, language proficiency, English language information, and a 100-mark papers of special subject related examinations. The curriculum for the principal ... will be a 150-mark question paper on topics including general knowledge, current trends of education-academic progress, speedy advancement, school ethics, language proficiency, English language information, and 100-mark papers of administrative management.
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