17 May 2019

TAT Secondary Final Answer Key 2019 |

When the results of the Tat-Secondary examination conducted by the State Examination Board on July 29 have been announced, the final anesthesia key of all subjects has also been declared, in which the candidate can see which answer is correct and which is wrong? Result of some candidates has been reserved, which will be declared after completion of the investigation.
When the answer key has been announced, if you want to present any candidate for any question paper or answer to the final assistant key, then by uploading the link to this office website at http://gujarat-education.gov.in/seb/ Will have to send If there is more than one question to be presented, then you have to present it in a separate form. The last date for submission is kept. The book that is to be presented for the answer to the question should be published by the government. That is, the books published by any private publications will not be recognized as literature. Without presents, the spec will not be taken.
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