7 May 2019

The importance of concept in life

We are proud to have a plan in the new year. It is believed that the plans made in the new year are being done. So many people are found taking solicitation that they will adapt to the new year. It is time to say that the plan is complete. Similarly, the study of students in the new year is also called specially. They do not like to tell the students to study in the festive season. Earlier parents set up to study the students in the new year, but today the situation has changed. Most families are outdoors during Diwali. Therefore, the glory that has been developed in the new year has gradually declined.
                       The pledge is to be taken so that we can become a roadmap of what we have to do in the future. Apart from this, the future is also shrouded in the future. The misfortune is that most of the plans are taken for selfishness. There are some conspiracies that can not be accomplished. It is also conceivable for the conspirator. However, taking such action often leads to difficulty. Sankalp is a tool to fulfill your dream. Depending on what the person wants to do in the future or what to reach in his personal life or professional life can be realized.
                    Often, it is also prudent to be resolved. There is no allegiance in such a resolution. Due to lack of allegiance, attempts to achieve it are not systematically. Thus, a person who is struggling with half-hearted efforts does not get the solution. As a result, it has stopped pledging for another year. In fact this method is inappropriate. The person should plan his future according to his own strength and take pledge accordingly.

                    Inspired by the life of big people too, this is inspiration in this way. No one suddenly gets bigger. Everyone starts with a small step only. The initial small step is shaping the future. Cyber ​​World Guilders Narayan Murthy, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates etc. also started their own small steps. Similarly, the beginning of Reliance's Dhirubhai Ambani was similar, but all of them had also pledged their plans at the beginning. On which basis they could achieve success.
                      Today, most students are lacking in future planning. Most people do not realize what to do with their learning. By seeing others, they also begin to develop good ideas of the future and the reality is different. It should be held in the next two-three years before any student arrives in the final year in their studies.
Positive resolution
                       But in today's competition, these students only see successful people. They do not see the struggles of these successful people, nor do they even try to know it. So in two to three years, they are seen getting into depression. If you take the concept positively, you may have success in life. With the motivation to take the pledge of everyone in the new year, also wish to make sincere efforts to achieve this resolve
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