25 May 2019

The loopholes of relationships

Who should do that? Who was not supposed to do? It is the best way to sit on a judge's chair. By giving up, we turn away justice. Everyone has their own beliefs about what is reasonable, what is unreasonable, good, bad, what's right, what is wrong, what to do, what not to do? Everyone has the right to believe what he believes. Trouble occurs when we reinforce our beliefs on the beliefs of others, the views of others, the behavior of others, our judgment on others' decisions. The relationship between two people is based on how much they respect each other's thoughts. The conflict begins in the relationship when we try to prove our person's beliefs wrong by our thoughts. Psychic aggression shakes the foundation of affection and affection.
We always want the same way that ours do the same as we want, thinking the same way we think. Everything will ask us by asking. Ours also asks us to do the same. If you think it is right, then believe me. If it does not seem reasonable, then mild opposition begins. If we can not understand this opposition then its mild protest gradually becomes fierce and it reaches up to one stage of the rebellion. You do not seem to be true to me anymore. God has only given you intellect. I do not understand anything. Your thoughts are you Mubarak. I do not think you are true. Now I will do what I feel right! Not everyone has the courage to say such a face. Who can not speak, who can not say, seems to be doing it right in his own right. The beginning of the gap in relationships starts with a gap in thoughts.
Only those who understand the wisdom themselves are left alone at the end. We may know some things, but it is not possible for us to know all the things. We do not even have a subject in ours, but we also tend to pry our prudence. Each person should understand one thing that when we are talking, when someone gives advice, the person against us is measuring us. They are aware of our understanding, our knowledge and our depth. He will believe in your words only if he feels that he understands my position!
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