7 May 2019

The world's first mobile phone was claimed in 1938

One video uploaded to YouTube claimed that a woman was seen talking in wireless handsets in 1938 in a hand. If this claim is true then it means that this video was shot 40 years before the world's first mobile phone Dyna TAC 8000 X was made. According to the Daily Express report, the video titled "Time Trailer in 1938" is a subject of discussion on Youtube. In this short quote, a woman named Gertrude Jones has been shown talking about mobile phones.
                           In the video presented, women were seen talking about prototypes of mobile phones made in Massachusetts before the World War. This video was posted almost a year ago. However, a few days ago, a user named PlanetCheck claimed that the woman who was shown interacting with her is her grandmother. The person claims that the woman told him that there was a telephone communication sensation at that time in the American company DuPont factory. The company was experimenting with the wireless telephone at the time and five women were given this week for one week.
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