7 May 2019

Toward the mother of a lifelong mother

Actually the genital and birthland is also great from heaven. In the childhood, the brave and adventurous children of the motherland take the rhythm, tune and the fingers of the village to take the dream of Nindra to the country. In this, he preserves his child as a flower, and until it grows upwards and stays awake, There is a tigress in life.
History has witnessed that the mother Jijabai gave birth to Chhatrapati Shivaji. Valuable pearls that were packed in the pantheed oyster were given birth by Mahatma Gandhi, mother Swaruprani's wife Jawaharlal Nehru, Jawaharlal of Jawaharlal Nehru and Lallahadur Shastri of the mother Ramdularai Hind. Such a gift has given the world a gift to many great people.
Teachers give cognitive knowledge to children, but also provide biological education in every child. It has been said that a mother is a teacher of the society. In order to accelerate the development of the child, Vivek is working diligently to help the child develop good books, friendship, speech and behavior, and thus he is raised in the house-wide rituals when he comes out of the house. That is why Khilil Zebra has said that in every house, Ishwar has created a place to fill his place.
The son who is tired of the whole day comes home in the evening, and when he puts his head in his lap, he will become a mild flower with his hands on the head or on the body, while the son becomes a mild flower. And even when there is no body in the same, his love is in the air. It is because of the safety of the child that he has come in secret, and because of his mother, Blessing.
Whether in the country or abroad, it is celebrating Mother's Day by refreshing the relationship of one day in a single day, but in the whole life, whether in the whole life or in the thoughts of everyone who is soaked in the spirit of mind, do not forget the births of the rest of the days.
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