7 May 2019

What is the problem of vitamin D deficiency?

Vitamin D deficiency is caused by people who do not get out of the house in the darkened flats or hutments of the hare crowded areas and do not get out of the house in sunshine. Likewise, vitamin D deficiency can also occur in women who have diarrhea. Due to the deficiency of vitamin D children, there is a disease called racquet wherein it often falls at the age of the child and there is difficulty in standing and holding anything. The front of the child's forehead is up and running and both sides of the head seem flat. As head of the head bones can be clearly seen away from the space and pressing the hands on some bones of the head, some part of the halva can be suppressed like a table tannish ball. The child's hands and feet may also appear to be slightly bent and both feet should be removed while moving or walking, while both knees attack each other. All the ribs on the child's chest and the lower part of the chest should be seen in front of the small pieces. Due to the lack of vitamin D at an adult, osteoporosis is a problem in which the body's bones weaken due to weakness of bone and muscle. Approximately 40% of people over fifty years of age in developing countries have osteoporosis.
  • What to do to get enough vitamin A?
There are two ways to get adequate vitamins-D 
  • (1) to keep body in full sunlight and 
  • (2)eat plenty of vitamins-D. As we look forward, the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight begin to form vitamin D on the skin. But air pollution, winters, dark skin (acacia) etc. may not be possible to reach the purple rays. The Indian tradition of keeping a small child in oil in sunlight (sun bathing) is excellent for getting vitamin-D. Unfortunately, vitamin D can not be found adequately from any vegetarian diet. Vitamin-D is found to be very low (only four units per hundred grams) of milk. Therefore, to obtain vitamin-D, the sharks or other fish have to rely on the vitamins obtained from the liver. Of course, vitamin supplements are also available in a clean crystal form with a chemical reaction, and often add extra vitamins to foods such as milk (dairy pasteurized), dalda ghee, etc. so that vegetarians can also get enough vitamins. However, Vitamin-D is considered as an important source of energy in India.

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