7 May 2019

Who is Transplantation and Useful?

Transplantation has to be considered only when the work of the kidney is corrupted so as not to improve permanently. Many patients have transplantation but there is a delay in operation due to lack of proper donor. Some kidneys may be able to work a bit or their work may be improved, dialysis for six months and then transplant. If there is a loss of kidneys due to diabetes, in such cases, if a living donor is found, it is beneficial to do kidney transplants without having dialysis for a long time. Because, due to long-term dialysis, diabetes can increase the damage to heart and arteries.

Patients with more than sixty years old, large-scale cancer patients, cardiovascular diseases, and more likely to become compliant during and after surgery, and the transplant failure are more likely. A patient who does not expect life expectancy for more than five years is not put in the waiting list to obtain kidney transplant in the United States (there is a number of 3-4 years in the waiting list). If the heart's artery needs a bypass operation, then the operation is done before transplantation. .
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