4 Jun 2019

First woman in the state to make Mount Everest

Surat's Weekly Living in Adarsh ​​Society and the well-known Ayurveda doctor Dr. Aditya, 25, and Anuj, 21, of Anand Vaidya's two daughters, took the tricolor of the country by reaching the top of Mount Everest early on 22nd morning. Along with that, Surat and Gujarat also made the world famous.
It is noteworthy that in 1953, Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenings first surrendered Mount Everest at a height of 29 thousand feet. Later, in 1984, Bachendri Pal became an Indian woman. However, not a single woman from Gujarat has ever had this pride, but now, due to the adventure of two sisters of Surat, two Gujarati daughters have achieved Everest by getting Everest together.
Aditi and Anuja Vaidya started trekking from Everest Basecamp on March 30. Both sisters continued to harbor the Everest on May 22, with constant resistance to the Himalayas and a 40 degree temperature challenge.
There were 14 entrepreneurs from the rest of the world and 25 shareholders in Surat's Aditi and Anuja in the team that went to summit on March 30. He had 25 Sherpas teams. All of this has been successfully climbed to the Everest.
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