12 Jun 2019

शैक्षणिक अभिमुखता २०१९ -२० PDF मोड्यूल

Academic Orientation Program in the beginning of the year -The program will have a repeat of the issues which passed the students last year. This module provides detailed information about the ambiguity program. The work done in the first fifteen days has been introduced in the day .But those students who are poor in reading writing and calculation, will have to do reading and writing only during these days. This guide also has the same purpose as it becomes necessary for children to create an atmosphere at the beginning of the new session.

In the history of any country, by the illiterate people, theft, violence, chaos, social immorality etc. were so fierce, so in the following sequence, scholars and educated people, to establish moral values ​​in the society, to raise the standard of living and social awareness to create a beautiful and ideal life ' Education 'as a very important aspect and special emphasis was placed on education. This method has been in India too. Due to the absence of education in the villages, hatred, hostility, disease and conspiracy were dispersed, which gradually eliminated the coming of education and we could create a single community.

It needs to be carefully looked at from the heat-stricken class to the educated class. The preoccupation and rudeness of the people of illiterate people was bad and it was necessary to remove them, but by removing it, the method of establishing human values ​​at the time of education was a result of the good and healthy effects of education among the people. In today's world, this story is quite different. Now education alone is given importance, even if it is 'overtake' the values ​​of humanity !! That's why today's education has become tangled rather than helping someone's development. This is understood by a simple example. When an illiterate person living in a small village was educated, he was emphasized on the study of his family and the duties of the society and his honesty of his work.
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