1 Jun 2019

Social Science Navneet Std.6 PDF

6th-8th standard for social sciences has been placed here. This file will be very useful to the candidates who are taking the examinations of Talati and Non-Secretariat Clerks. Because social sciences contain many basic information about India's history and geography. Textbooks contain information that is orthanatic.

All the 37 government schools in the city have joined their education service provider with their educational system more progressive. Students from all the 37 government schools of Rajkot district from now on, from the new session starting from June, Education of Science, Commerce and Arts will be totally free from 9th to 12th. This service has been completed by the efforts of Professor Sarkar Singh Jala of Karan Singh High School, Rajkot, and teacher of the Government Teacher Union, Rajkot. Siddharaj said about this, the drop out ratio in high schools in the poor and middle class increased. So through the union, the government was offered a free education to all the students from the high school, free of the burden of fees. In this work, all the educational expenses of the students were introduced by teachers and donors. The education department also lauded. The Circular giving approval for this education work was sent to all the Sarkari High schools in the district through Rajkot DEO. New academic year starting from June 2019-20 to Karan Singh, Rajkot city, Bai Sahebaba, Ghanshyam Girls High School in Gondal, Jetpur Kamri, Dharaji Government Girls Vidyalaya and Bhagwat Singhji, Amarnagar, Tadhari and RMSA wells, Government High Schools located in Bathan, Badlapur, Visalia, Jasdan . Students from 9 to 12 will be able to study without paying a single penny in all the three branches of science, commerce and arts. Many teachers of Rajkot district have been involved with this fundamental principle.
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